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For Boca Raton’s commercial and industrial properties, there are times when old buildings need to be renovated to become modern. There are also times when they need to go altogether. For these times, you need a demolition company, and not just any company, but the Demolition Contractors of Boca Raton. We are Boca’s only trusted source for professional commercial and industrial demolition services. Since our inception, our licensed, insured, certified, and bonded demolition company has used highly experienced demolition contractors, stringent safety standards, cutting-edge equipment, and efficient methods to give you safe, fast, convenient, and affordable solutions.

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Commercial/Industrial Demolition Services in Boca Raton


Commercial Demolition: Commercial demolitions are a good choice for tearing down and renovating buildings in a commercial lot. For example, you may have an office building that needs an interior renovation or complete removal. However, these buildings are usually near another structure or building. This means that you need demolition services in tight quarters. Our team has many years of professional experience working in tight quarters, utilizing surgical precision for your commercial demolitions.
Industrial Demolition: Industrial demolitions tend to encompass large lots or facilities, including factories and industrial plants. These macro-scale projects also tend to have a lot more hazardous materials due to the size of the site and the nature of industrial complexes. This is why you need professionals like Demolition Contractors to minimize the risks involved in industrial demolitions.

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Our demo team is experienced in all kinds of commercial and industrial demolitions, including:

  • Total Demolition
    • When you need to completely demolish your building or site, then there’s nobody in the industry who does in faster or safer than the Demo Contractors!
  • Selective Demolition
    • Silo Demolition – During a silo demolition, our staff removes an obsolete structure from your site.
    • Raze Building Demolition – We tear your buildings down from the ground up!
  • Interior Demolition
    • Interior Gut-Outs – If you need to remove the “guts” of your building’s interior while maintaining the structural integrity of the building, Demo Contractors is well versed in gut-out demolitions.
    • Interior Strip-Outs – Similar to gut-outs, we strip parts of the interior out of the building, particularly the parts that can be reused and/or salvaged.
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Professional Demolition Company in Boca Raton

Our professional demolition experts follow gold standard procedures for your industrial and commercial demolitions. This is because we want to keep everyone safe and completing hassle-free demolitions. A brief description of our process may look like the following:

  • Demolition Contractors obtains all necessary permits to be in compliance with local property ordinances for legally responsible demolitions.
  • We draft up comprehensive contracts for transparent services. It includes a summary of services performed, a timeline for completion, an accurate quote on costs, and other important information.
  • We install soil and erosion control measures as necessary to contain the demolition site from spilling into other properties.
  • We isolate demolition areas and perform all utility disconnects for safety precautions.
  • We also perform asbestos abatements. Our abatements remove potentially hazardous chemicals and materials from harming our staff during demolition.
  • We also remove all recyclable and salvageable materials, such as lights, mercury switches, scrap metals, concrete, Freon, and more! These materials count as credit toward your purchase and are used for incredible resale, reuse, and donations to local organizations.
  • We remove all hazardous materials from the site to prevent any post-demolition injuries to our clients.
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Demolition Estimates

Before completing any demolitions, our demolition survey staff takes estimates on your site to give you a thorough run-down of services. We do this for safety on both parties, transparent documentation, and so that we can find ways to save you on operation costs.


Boca Raton’s Best Demolition Company

Our customers are not only calling us the best demolition company in Boca Raton for our professional quality, but they rave about our eco-friendly commitment. We utilize environmentally responsible methods for greener demolition projects. We also salvage all possible materials from your demolition for resale, recycling, and donation. We even use value from the recycled materials and count them as credit towards your demolition project. Not only do you get incredible savings, but you get to join us in our mission for sustainable demolition solutions!


Call our phone or submit an online inquiry and you will be connected with our award-winning customer service team. Demolition Contractors will answer all of your questions and help you find the best solutions to your commercial and industrial demolition needs. Come see why we are Boca Raton’s top rated demolition company!