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Asbestos and Lead Abatements

Many older buildings contain asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials in them. If you have ever seen “popcorn” ceilings, then you have seen a building with asbestos. These materials release fibers into the air and are dangerous to inhale. Our team is professional trained and equipped to remove these materials for safer demolitions.


Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling

Demolition Contractors has some of the strongest core drills for your concrete cutting services. As you already know, concrete, asphalt, and other hardscaping materials are tough. Couple that with proximity to utility lines, and you have a complex project without the help of professionals. We handle this safely, quickly, and efficiently so that the concrete is removed and salvaged for future use.

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Interior Demolition

Interior Demolitions involve the non-structural demolition of spaces inside buildings. This includes ceilings, inner walls, flooring, utilities, and more. From complete gut-outs to floor scaping, Demolition Contractors is the place to go for internal renovations.


Selective Demolition

Selective Demolitions are for those who are removing a structure that is attached to another structure that needs to be kept. Also known as silo demolitions, they remove a select portion of a building too, like a chimney, without demolishing the whole building. Our selective demolitions are commonly used in strip malls to remove an obsolete structure from the lot with minimal disturbance to surrounding commercial properties.

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Total Demolition

When you think of the word ‘demolition,’ you probably think of a total demolition. It’s not as simple as bringing a bulldozer and ramming into a building. We take proactive measures to maximize safety, minimum scattered debris, salvage materials, and ensure a timely service.

Floor Scaping

Floor Scaping involves the removal and reinstallation of a structure’s flooring. Demolition Contractors has a variety of tools to remove all kinds of floor scaping, such as carpet, tile, concrete, porcelain, glue, adhesives, linoleum, vinyl, vct, and epoxy.

Dismantling/Salvation Services

During a dismantling service, we take apart a structure with the intent of putting it back together. This also allows us to maximize asset recovery. Demolition Contractors strives to limit the amount of materials going to the landfill, so we find ways to salvage materials from your demolition project.

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Junk/Debris Removal

The aftermath of demolition and construction sites includes plenty of junk and debris. Cleaning this up by yourself can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and dangerous. This is why you should leave the removal of junk and debris to the experts. We have the manpower, the training, and the tools to clear out old buildings, remove debris from the site, and dispose of unwanted materials.

Land Clearing/Trenching/Excavation

Excavations are used to remove dirt, rock, soil, and other materials from the land. This is done to level the ground’s foundation for an upcoming construction project. Demolition Contractors also trenches landscapes to install pipelines and submerged structures.

Dumpster Rental

To properly dispose of materials, you may need a dumpster rental. Starting from 5 cubic ft., our team can flexibly schedule drop-offs and pick-ups for your dumpster rental. Even better, we can load, haul, and dispose of the junk for you so that you don’t have to risk injury!

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