Concrete Cutting and Removal Services

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For many demolitions, our clients may need to cut surrounding concrete. Demolition Contractors is your expert concrete cutting and removal team because we have a wealth of professional experience to get your concrete disposed of in a safe, fast, and efficient manner!

Concrete Cutting Ft. Lauderdale

In your initial consultation, our Demolition Contractor team surveys your demo site to determine the best service to use on your concrete cutting. We take any potential hazards into consideration because safety is our top priority at Demo Contractors.. We also take precautionary measures to avoid extraneous damages to surrounding structures. For example, during our concrete scanning survey, we identify any subsurface materials such as utility lines. By doing so, we can avoid the costly mistake of accidentally cutting a submerged power line. Don’t let a careless contractor risk you thousands of dollars from improper cuts; at Demolition Contractors, we go above and beyond to get the job done right!

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Types of Demolition Contractors’ Concrete Cutting

Because of our extensive training and cutting-edge equipment, we handle any and all concrete cutting, including the following:

Concrete Breaking

Concrete breaking involves breaking down large masses of concrete into easily disposable pieces. At Demolition Contractors, we are armed with some of the most effective concrete breaking tools, including bulldozers, sledgehammers, jack hammers, and more! Our professional methods not only get the concrete out of the ground quickly and safely, but they also maximize the amount of salvageable concrete that can be used for resale, reuse, or donation.


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Concrete Coring

For concrete coring, we use our advanced diamond core drills to cut into some of the toughest cylinder concrete and other concrete structures. No depth is too deep for concrete coring; our team can go deep underground to dig out the most stubborn concrete with ease. Common uses for core drilling include bridges, dams, highways, and other structures around materials like utility piping. Beyond the incision, a successful coring service requires the employment of logistical planning, scheduling, truck loading, and disposal procedures. This ensures a safe, efficient, and professional cut.

Concrete Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing is a technique in which we use a wire “blade” to make clean incisions in

Through continuous and oscillating wire saws, Demolition Contractors can cut large scale concrete in hard-to-reach areas with ease!

Concrete Removal

Once the concrete has been successfully demolished, it’s time to load up and dispose of it. Doing this without professional help is not only time consuming, but also dangerous! Our professional staff is trained to load, haul, and dispose of the concrete from your site for you. Not only do we clear out the debris from your site, but we also use modern techniques to salvage your concrete for future use. This means that you are choosing the eco-friendly way for your concrete removal!

In addition to these common concrete cutting procedures, we also specialize in the following concrete cutting services:

Concrete Chain Sawing

Concrete Flat Sawing and Slab Sawing

Concrete Wall Sawing

Selective Demolitions

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